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Discover Endless Elegance, Craft Your Dream Home with Distinctive Décor Delights!

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About Us

Last updated July 10, 2023

Welcome to Decor Whims - Your Ultimate Source for Inspired Living!

At Decor Whims, we believe that every space has the potential to become a masterpiece of art and style. Our passion for all things beautiful and our dedication to making homes come alive drive us to curate a unique blend of decor, design ideas, and lifestyle inspirations. As a premier destination for home enthusiasts, we proudly engage in affiliate marketing and advertising to connect you with the finest products and services that complement your taste and elevate your living spaces.

Our Journey:
Founded by Aminul Kibria, a visionary web programmer and digital marketer, Decor Whims emerged from a shared love for creativity and innovation. With a team of five brilliant minds, each specializing in a distinct area, we've set out on a mission to transform houses into dream homes. Our dedicated staff includes:

Our Promise:
At Decor Whims, we're more than just a website - we're your partners in turning your living spaces into reflections of your unique personality. Our handpicked selection of products, design ideas, and expert advice is aimed at sparking your creativity and guiding you towards making your house a home. Whether you're seeking a statement piece of furniture, ingenious decor solutions, or simply a dose of inspiration, we're here to make your design journey an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Join us in celebrating the art of living beautifully. Explore, discover, and let your imagination take flight with Decor Whims!

Connect with us:
Follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest trends, design tips, and exclusive offers. Have a question or suggestion? Reach out to us at info@decorwhims.com. We value your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome to our world of Decor Whims - where style, innovation, and inspiration converge.


Aminul Kibria
Owner, Decor Whims

“Elevate your space with captivating Home Decor. Discover chic accents, stylish furniture, and artistic touches to reflect your unique style.”

Aminul Kibria
Owner, Decor Whims

Discover Endless Elegance, Craft Your Dream Home with Distinctive Décor Delights!

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